Live Life Intentionally


Do you consider yourself committed to being an agent of change and having a positive influence in the world?

As a dedicated wife, mother and entrepreneur, I know how hard it can be to create a balance between doing what you love and making a difference in your work, as well as at home. To top it off, try making time to take care of yourself and nourish your most cherished relationships! It's tough right?

How would you like to create a space to explore your life areas and uncover those parts that are getting in the way of you having a life that feels successful and fulfilling, but also balanced and calm?

Together we can create and begin implementing some action plans so that you feel more happy and relaxed, as well as empowered and confident in working toward your goals.

I look forward to working with you and welcoming you to my tribe!


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Go Deep

With a background in mental health rehabilitation and counselling, I am able to offer a container for clients to explore and go deep into their thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

Break through

As a trained occupational therapist with a vast knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and activity, I am able to design specific integral practices for clients that will help them break through any patterns of behaviour that are keeping them stuck in a lifestyle that is no longer serving them.


Clients working with me will have the benefit of a deeply personal connection as well as very practical, achievable steps they can take to get the results they want.

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Live life intentionally

Holistic, Integral, Connected

"My coaching focuses on building relationships. Firstly with yourself, and then moving to your support system, network and tribe."


"If you are looking for change that is lasting and a process that is truly impactful, working with Cath will be life changing." 

"The tools I received were practical. The coaching helped me sort out what I perceived to be required and what actually was required."


"Cath definitely inspires a sense of confidence and ease. If you need a change in your life, one that will truly benefit you, working with Cath will be an incredible investment and gift."

"I felt like you personalised and tailored the coaching to me, you remembered who I was and why I was seeing you. I feel like you took the time to understand who I am."


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