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Would you like to optimize the power of your relationship?

Do you resonate with some of these common challenges couples are facing today?

Struggling to connect on a deep level:

“We spend time together but it never really feels like we are in sync with each other anymore.”

Losing sight of common purposes and goals:

“We are living day to day trying to keep our heads above water but rarely consider the bigger picture.”

Living parallel lives:

“We live together but rarely spend time together. Sometimes it feels like we are each on our separate paths, yet there is still something holding us together.”

Getting through life together:

“We feel as though our lives have become about getting through one thing after the next. We are living in a constant state of tension and stress with the hope that if we make it to the other side, things will get better.”

Losing sight of who you are:

“Our relationship used to be fun and exciting; we used to enjoy discussing and debating our opinions with each other. Now most of our discussions revolve around practicalities like who is doing what and how.”

Going with the flow is no longer working for you:

“We don’t know how we got here; we never really make plans but now here we are and this is not really what we want for our life together.”

When you choose to join forces and ‘do life’ together with a fellow human being that you love, this relationship can be the single most satisfying component of your adult life. Our love relationships can make or break us. If you are already in a dynamic and fulfilling relationship on some levels, who wouldn’t want to optimize the potential in this critical area of your life?

Do you want to enjoy

  • More intimacy?
  • A deeper connection?
  • Shared intentions?
  • Mutual support?

Join Cath Valentine as she discusses the number one strategy to skyrocket your relationship from this day forward.

Tuesday 13 March  19:00 - 20:00

Melomed Tokai, Conference Room, 5th Floor

R50 per person

Tea & Coffee will be served